IND-EKO Ltd. is a concessionaire and specialist for collecting waste from ships for the purpose of transporting waste to waste treatment facilities or disposal sites. We have concession for the collection of ship-generated waste in the jurisdiction of port authorities in Rijeka, Zadar, Split, and Ploče. Recognizing the needs of our clients, and plan for the development of Croatian ports after joining the European Union, we decided to extend our offer by purchasing additional equipment for specialized jobs of acceptance and disposal of liquid ship-generated waste. The latest addition to the IND-EKO’s fleet is a barge TEG 18 with a capacity of 1,100 m3. When we add that to the capacity  of our barge KATE (400 m3) our capacity for the collection of liquid waste has increased to 1,500 m3. The barges possess all the equipment for secure mooring and manipulation, and we have authorized commander of the vessels according to Croatian Register of Shipping.

We have also added an EKO-MAR oil tanker to our fleet.

  • Tanker capacity: approx. 1,000 t
  • Length: 43.7 m
  • Width: 8 m
  • Depth:  3.85 m
This equipment allows us to provide the following services
  • cleaning and degassing of ship tanks aboard anchored ships
  • emergency storage of cargo and wastewater in case of a maritime environmental accidents
  • assistance with defects