Every day we encounter a potential danger of hazardous material spill into the environment. Hazardous materials are used in industry and transport and represent a great danger to human health, environment and property.

IND-EKO Ltd. has introduced a environmental accident response service in case of sudden major environmental accidents. Our experts and equipment are on 24/7 stand-by in order to be able to quickly respond to critical situations on the land and sea.

In order to be able to respond even quicker, we have upgraded our basic service with a custom-tailored solution for our clients. This service enables us to have better communication and more efficient response to critical situations.

Our experts can draft environmental emergency response plans in order to implement our knowledge and experience into your safety procedures.

Our expertise and readiness for quick response have been acknowledged by Croatian authorities, who licensed us as a company technically capable to respond in case of environmental accident

Our highly experienced and skillful antipollution teams are geared up for instant round-the clock response and can mobilize all the necessary equipment to achieve the desired results, including:

  • anti-pollution equipment: storage vessels, oil booms and mechanical means of collection (skimmers, pumps)
  • high capacity pumping equipment for crude oils and all kinds of oil products
  • temporary storage, removal and transport of all the collected debris, heavy residues oils, sludges and chemicals

The devotion to our customers, the establishment of long term relationships based on mutual trust and the close cooperation with them, gives us the capability to provide the most innovative, trustworthy and cost-effective solutions and fulfill their requirements at any time and at any location.