IND-EKO knows all the best winter break destinations. In order to have the Croats enjoy their skiing holidays without disrupting the routine of our dear Slovenian neighbours, IND-EKO was awarded a public procurement contract for the rehabilitation of the sewer system (CEVI Z NOTRANJIM OPLAŠČENJEM V BESEDNJAKOVI ULICI IN DELU CANKARJEVE ULICE – ODCEP ZAVAROVALNICA MARIBOR). Within 7 days, we carried out pipe cleaning, CCTV inspection, and rehabilitation on 225m long pipeline with 22 sewer laterals by employing no-dig CIPP method.  Once again, we proved that we have a team of skilled professionals who work together with top rehabilitation experts.



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As a member of a consortium of domestic construction companies, IND-EKO was contracted to perform work under the Poreč Project - “Poreč wastewater and sludge treatment facilities - relocation of the existing sludge treatment facilities and reconstruction of the existing sewer system”.