As a member of a consortium of domestic construction companies, IND-EKO was contracted to perform work under the Poreč Project - “Poreč wastewater and sludge treatment facilities - relocation of the existing sludge treatment facilities and reconstruction of the existing sewer system”, with the EU contributing at the amount of EUR 7,666,020.60. Under the said project, sewer collector systems were rehabilitated by way of trenchless technology, i.e. close-to-fit (FFT) and cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) methods, as well as pressure tests and CCTV inspections.   In all, the rehabilitation works were carried out on more than 2,500 metres of pipes at Lanterna camping site, a residential area of Červar Porat, as well as at Poreč esplanade and Vrsar esplanade.

The purpose of the rehabilitation of the pipes was to prevent the ingress of seawater into the pipes so that the future wastewater treatment facility could operate without difficulties.

Our colleagues from the company EKO-TEAM Skopje and their CCTV inspection equipment were of immense help.