IND-EKO d.o.o. provides you with rehabilitation of pipe cracks and pipe joints using inflatable rubber packers to install short liner. This technology is suitable for quick and economical rehabilitation of pipe cracks and pipe joints. Liner material consists of the fiberglass liner impregnated with silicate or epoxy resin.

  • diameter: DN80 – DN1600
  • liner lenght: 0,5 m – 5 m
  • material: silicate or epoxy resin
  • can be installed in working pipelines without using by-pass
  • quick and easy installation
  • removes pipeline infiltration and leakage
  • prevent root intrusion
  • high chemical and temperature resistance
  • applicable to the most pipe materials
  • economical solution
  • minimal disruption to the environment and working process
  • no damage to the other underground infrastructure (water lines, optical cables, electricity cables, etc.)
  • in accordance with numerous ASTM, WIS, DIN and EN standards
  • Resin impregnated short liner is fixed to the rubber packer
  • Rubber packer is pulled into the pipe
  • Rubber packer is inflated in order to closely fit the short liner to the pipe
  • After curing process is completed, rubber packer is removed and the pipe is ready to use