IND-EKO d.o.o. has developed a non-man entry tank cleaning service, which has been further enhanced in recent years specifically to meet the needs of the international market.

Up until recently, tank cleaning meant long shut down periods, high dependability on weather, large amount of waste residues and hazardous operating environment for the workers inside the tank.

The problems caused by manual cleaning are largely eliminated by the automatic non-man entry tank cleaning process. In addition, without the use of chemicals, high recovery rates are achieved for the products being stored in the tank.

The non-man entry tank cleaning system is suitable for both floating and fixed roof tanks.

The complete non-man entry tank cleaning system has a modular design and is installed in containers; it can therefore be transported to the deployment site within a short space of time.

The main components of this explosion-protected system are mobile suction and pressure modules, as well as jet washers. These are installed through the liner tubes of the previously retracted tank roof supports. The entire cleaning process is underpinned by a special pipeline system with tried-and-tested quick-release closures and high-performance filter assemblies.

  • Short cleaning times
  • No staff inside tank during cleaning process (non-man entry system)
  • Continuous monitoring and automatic shutdown features
  • No risk of explosion
  • Very high hydrocarbon recovery rate (e.g. Crude oil)
  • Minimized tank residues and waste disposal costs
  • Minimal hydrocarbon emission to atmosphere due to closed-loop cleaning
  • Lower consumption of water, electricity and air
  • Overall tank cleaning costs reduced
  • Unique indexed washing pattern covers complete tank interior surface area
  • Re-circulation of cleaning media during de-sludging
  • Cleaning costs can be offset by the value of recovered hydrocarbons